Jonathan D. Birnkrant, MD

Welcome to my photography. Here you will find photographs from my travels over the past few years. I have been fortunate to travel to and live in many beautiful places and I have enjoyed finding the beauty wherever I go.
My subjects and style is varied, and calls for some explanation. For subjects, I enjoy landscape and wildlife photography, the beautiful components of nature which I enjoy sharing with my friends and family. I have also recently become interested in urban scenes, finding the beauty in subjects that can be commonplace for millions, but available when you stop and look. My style is two fold. I enjoy the photorealism associated with nature and wildlife. I also love working in HDR, or high dynamic range photography. There are two styles here as well. One is reaching for the dynamic range of our eyes, something the digital sensor just can not yet reach. The other is the artistic eye applied to the world around us, just as a painter or sculptor applies.
I hope you enjoy your time here, and please let me know what you think by leaving a comment or two with the photographs.
Thank you, Jonathan Birnkrant